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Choosing an insurance broker can be a daunting task. At Southern Union, we have years of experience and a dedicated qualified team to structure your insurance portfolio. This is  to ensure that our client gets a cost-effective risk transfer package using our expertise.
Through our wide selection of insurers we can help you identify, analyse and control risk before any claim occurs. You can rest “insured” knowing that we have you covered.


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What we bring to you

Insurance Broking

Premium and claims resolution, Contingency Planning, Disaster Recovery Solutions, Policy wording interpretation and skills-transfer workshops.

Risk Management

Identify risk, impact assessment on business, risk control strategies and risk financing solution (both conventional and alternative forms).

Alternative Risk Transfer

We take a structured approach which includes: analysis of your exposures, vulnerabilities and business impact assessment and then recommend risk improvement strategies before turning to risk retention, and or risk transfer to cell captives and or other hybrid solutions.

Claims Management

Our approach offers: Pre-loss scenario planning which entails awareness of policy claims conditions, what your obligations are in reporting a loss/incident likely to result in an insurance claim. How to deal with Third Parties.
Post loss corrective recommendations which covers disaster recovery solutions, salvage recovery and brand management strategies for businesses.

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Why insure?

“Because you cannot predict a future loss”